Minimum Wage

The minimum wage should be at least a living wage.

A business asks that one devote one half of his waking time to his business.
That business should provide at least the minimum amount to equal a living wage.

Why should anyone commit himself to accepting employment where compensation requires further employment to provide for normal living expenses?

That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to it!

-So sayeth Raji.

Death penalty as oxymoron

Who says death is a penalty and not a reward?

Since no one knows what happens to an individual after the point of death, why not make life the penalty?

How about making life on DEATH ROW among others also deserving of death row the penalty?

The judicial system or the corrections system can determine the appropriate conditions under which the convicted would be subject.

That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to it.

– So sayeth Raji

A Living Wage


Service workers such as waitresses, bartenders, fast food servers,  etc. are considered to be entry-level workers and paid only minimum wage.  These workers are expected  to spend half of their waking hours serving the business. This minimum wage is  not  adequate to provide  for subsistence living  for the individual.  The concept of minimum wage should be reconsidered. After all, these employees are also part of the business. And the business need not  gather such huge profits at the expense of the employees .

“That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to it .”

–So  sayeth Raji