A Living Wage


Service workers such as waitresses, bartenders, fast food servers,  etc. are considered to be entry-level workers and paid only minimum wage.  These workers are expected  to spend half of their waking hours serving the business. This minimum wage is  not  adequate to provide  for subsistence living  for the individual.  The concept of minimum wage should be reconsidered. After all, these employees are also part of the business. And the business need not  gather such huge profits at the expense of the employees .

“That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to it .”

–So  sayeth Raji



Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Regardless of whether or not there are those who choose to disbelieve in climate warming, people are still going to have to adapt to different modes of transportation because of the changing weather patterns. It’s most noticeable in the changing patterns of airplane travel. Transportation infrastructure needs to be repaired and upgraded. My personal preference for long distance travel is the train. There’s no place I have to get long-distance in a hurry and the train is less hassle.

“That’s just my opinion  and you’re welcome to it.”

- So sayeth Raji


Bieber as Role Model

Raji - M.B.S.P.H.D. (Master of B.S. Piled Higher and Deeper)

Raji – M.B.S.P.H.D.
(Master of B.S. Piled Higher and Deeper)


Like it or not,  Justin Bieber is a role model  to many in his age group  and others enamored  of the pop music culture.  His brush with the law doesn’t seem much different  from others who have become notorious  for their public antics . He’s not the first,  nor will he be the last.  Just how long his notoriety will support his celebrity  has yet to be determined.

“That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to it.”

-So sayeth Raji